Thursday, January 1, 2009

15 Years Ago Today!

This is Chase and my Dad, when Chase was 2 months old(1st time Dad saw him)

15 Years ago today, my Daddy died of lung cancer. He was 67 years old. We found out on Dec 3rd of 1993 that his lung cancer had spread to his rib cage and his backbone. He went to the ER thinking he had pulled a muscle in his back and this is the news they give my brother. He called me and told me that the outlook for Daddy was not good. We buried him on Jan 3rd 1994.(one month to the day we found out he had cancer)

I miss him so much. I was the only girl with 3 brothers,(one older and two younger) I was "A DADDY'S GIRL"!! He was my world. Even though I had three brothers, I was his huntin' buddy, fishin' buddy and his shadow. He could not go anywhere without me right on his heels every step. I know there were times he would have love to go fishin' without me, so he could enjoy some peace and quiet and not have to answer 20 questions and keep me occupied. He was the most patient person I have known. He never got flustered and I don't know how with all of us rowdy kids.

I know we will be together again one day. I know he watches over us. His presence has been felt here in my home when Kelly was really sick.(I will save this story for another blog) It was not me he chose to reveal himself to, it was Robert. Robert never believed in things like this, until this happened to him. I believe that is why he chose Robert. Everyone would think I was just missing Daddy if it had been me.(It was just days away from Daddy's birthday, Robert had not remembered this and I had not mentioned this to anyone)He still don't like to talk about it.

Daddy, I know you are watchin' and I know you can see Tootie, I just wished you were here to bounce her on your knee like you have Kelly, and Chase and me of course. I sometimes watch Tootie with her Daddy and smile, I'm happy she loves her Daddy, but it also reminds me of you Daddy:o)

You are missed very much, save me a good spot in heaven beside you. I love you Daddy!!! Keep watchin over all of us!!


Kandi Poirier said...

It is so hard when you lose a family member, no matter how far down the road you may be since their passing. this is a beautiful post. i'm thinking of you and your family today. i hope you have a most blessed 2009!

Robert D said...

Wow,15 yrs....Seems like yesterday when I asked your dad if I could take you to the beach?? He was a wonderful man and a great DAD...One of my favorite people of all time, loved life,loved his kids and cherrished you...
I am a better person because our path's crossed..I love and miss you Mr. Benny and thanks for allowing me to take your lovely daughter(my bride)to the beach..I will do my very best to "Honor" and take good care of her.Look forward to tossing that big cast net in the sky w/ you someday...