Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chase is a Real Estate Agent!!

Right after Graduation Chase went and took his classes for his Real Estate Courses and his test. He passed his test with flying colors. He took a test that they allow four hours for, in 1 hour. When he called to say he was finished I almost passed out. I thought for sure he had failed it.

However he could not get his license until Sep 10. his birthday. You have to be 18 to sell real estate. So he is now up and running. Stayin busy sending letter and handing out cards and answering the phone at the office. He was nervous at first but he is settling in just fine!!! I think he's gonna do good.

Where does the time go???

It has been awhile since my last blog. So much has happened, I don't know where to start.

I will try to remember the whole summer in order and blog about everything and upload some pics.

Also we are coming upon the Holiday season and things will get more crazy!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What A Pair????

I found this pic and just had to share it. These two are a pair. Toot's is crazy about her the point of crying for him when he goes to shower. I will be on the phone with Kelly and Toot's is in the background just a boohooin... I'll ask Kelly, "What's wrong, do I need to let you go? and she says "No, Tony's gettin in the Shower"!!! She loves her Daddy. Ask her "Who's Girl are you?" and she says "Daddy's". Ask her ''who's Sunshine are you?'' and she say's ''Mommy's''. Ask her "Who's Angel are you?" and she will say "Mimi's"!!! She is Chase's "Booger Butt", I know, I know, but that's what he calls her and what's really funny is she will answer to it when he calls!!!HA We have got to come up with a pet name for her that PawPaw can call her. When she's here they are usually snackin on something, so all he has to say is "Hey" and she will come running...especially if it's Watermelon. She loves it!!!


Chase was in the HCHS group Wired his senior year. This is a group of kids that can play and sing. You have to try out for it and be chosen. So for him to make it was a great honor, he is very talented, he can play a guitar and bass very well. He taught himself and cannot read music. I dunno... They had a concert close to the end of school and it was fantastic. We had a great time. Addie kept hollering Chase, everytime he come out on the stage, it was so funny!!! He can sing too, but he thinks he can't!!!

First Dental Visit for Toot's

I'm so behind on bloggin, I don't know where to start. I just started lookin through some pics and remembered that Toot's had her first Dental visit. She did real well.(Unlike her MiMi) She let him look in her mouth and showed her all the neat tools he had. She left with a smile, her little bag of goodies..toothbrush, toothpaste etc.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Behind on Blogging

I have neglected my blogging for way too long. Between working, Toot's 2nd Birthday, Chase Graduating and tryin to decide on a houseplan there are just not enough hours in the day. I will try to get caught up and upload some new pics.

I need to get back to Menu Planning also.

I have also become addicted to Facebook and Yoville!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Watch what you Say!!

Well, my grandsweetangelbaby has turned into a magpie. She will now repeat everything she hears(or at least tries to) Zebra and Mississippi is so funny. Robert had the Atlas out and every page of every state she was repeating after Robert. It was so funny.

She will also hide behind something jump out and scare you when you walk by and if you jump like she scared you she will apologize over and over... Sowwy is so cute.

She is such a sweet natured and good girl...I guess she's not really a baby anymore. She will be 2 on May 11th and I have no idea where the time went. Kelly and Tony are such good parents. You can't set down and have a meal with her and forget to pray. She will hold both hands out and say "Pway, Pway"!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Menu Plan Monday!! (gonna try it again)

I haven't done this in awhile. I am gonna try to get back on track. I have been comin home wonderin what's for supper and havin to stop by the store on my way home to pick something up or just comin home and eatin a bowl of cereal. So here goes... Kelly will be proud!!!

Monday-Leftover Lasagna and Rolls(Thank you Kelly)

Tuesday-Leftover BBQ from the Rib Shack with slaw and Beans.

Wednesday-Manwiches and fries

Thursday-Chicken Pot Pie and Salad.

Friday-Order out...Pizza?????
Saturday-Waffles, eggs, bacon

Sunday-Whatever you can find!!

More MPM Here!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


We took Chase and his Girlfriend Amanda to Memphis for a Rascal Flatts concert. This was Chase's Valentine Gift for her.

We went early to have supper at a restaurant that Chase had seen on the Food Channel. It's called Kooky Canuck. They have a burger that weighs over 7 pounds. It takes 40 minutes to cook. They don't take call ins and they don't take reservations. It is across from the Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis.

If you can eat a whole one by yourself in less than 60 minutes its free. This is called the Kookamonga Challenge. There has been 3 or 4 that has done this and their pic is on the Wall of Fame. I think there was one guy that done it in 11 minutes, this seem impossible!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yes, It's been Awhile!!

We have had a busy month. Been to UC convention in Las Vegas. Nice place but I wouldn't want to live there!! (will blog later and post pics)

Headed to Memphis today to a Rascal Flatts Concert. Will blog about all of this later. (I hope)

Mom's birthday is tomorrow and Kelly is takin Addie back to the Doc today. She is Croupy!!

Not enough minutes in the day.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Have not Blogged in Awhile!!

I haven't blogged in awhile. Things have been crazy. Business has been good we have had more than a dozen closings and all of them have happened in the last 2 weeks. We are trying to get ready for our UC convention. It's gonna be in Vegas. We will be leaving soon for it. We are flying so I am measuring suitcases and tryin the best way to pack or lightest way rather.

Been to the dentist. I have a tooth botherin me and they can't find nothin wrong with it. Goin for a cleaning next week. My dentist put me on some antibiotic and I think it's helpin.

I am gonna try to get back to Menu Plannin soon. I cleaned out my freezer and deep freezer yesterday and I threw away so much stuff that I forgot I had. Kelly says menu plannin will fix this problem.. I sure hope so.

Addie is doin fine. She has had this crud again and went back to the doc last week and her ears are tryin to get infected Again. She has just finished another round of antibiotic.
Mom has been to the doc, she has been really tired lately and her blood is low. She is anemic. They may have to start her on Procrit shots to help build her blood. She is has an appointment in March to see a doc about this.

I am so ready for Spring and for all this sickness to go away!! Hope everyone is havin a wonderful Sunday!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Life is Crazy...Welcome 2009

Toot's Being Tickled by Paw Paw!!!
Mom and me at Pickwick!!!

I have not blogged in awhile. Gettin back to work, Chase gettin back to school with all new classes, and Robert has been sick. Nothing serious, sore throat, aching, light fever. Still not sure what it was. Must have been viral. He is much better and thankfully the rest of us did not get it. We made sure and stayed away from Toot's. I went 7 days without seeing her and it was tough.

She said her first sentence and it had the word "Paw Paw" in it. Kelly was getting her out of bed and telling her that Daddy would be home soon and they were goin Bye Bye. She looked at Kelly and said "Go See Paw Paw"???? She figured if we are goin somewhere I would like to make a suggestion as to where we are goin. She loves Robert so much. I used to be her favorite.. Now I walk in the door at her house and she gives me a quick smile and looks behind me to see if Robert is there!!! If he's not it's like Ok, I guess you will do!!!

I did not have time to do my Menu Plan this week. We have come home everyday askin, What's for supper(if I did not stop on the way home and pick up something)?. I am goin to try to plan this week. It is goin to be another busy week. I did manage to get my laundry done early so I don't have to deal with that.

We may grab Mom and go to Corinth and eat BBQ at Rib Shack!! They have such good food. The man that owns it was in the Restaurant Business with us in 1981. So we have known him for a long time. He also owns a Restaurant in Booneville, MS called Catfish Country. We have not been there to eat yet. It is on Hwy 45 and we have passed there goin to visit Robert's mom and the parking lot is always full if they are open.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

15 Years Ago Today!

This is Chase and my Dad, when Chase was 2 months old(1st time Dad saw him)

15 Years ago today, my Daddy died of lung cancer. He was 67 years old. We found out on Dec 3rd of 1993 that his lung cancer had spread to his rib cage and his backbone. He went to the ER thinking he had pulled a muscle in his back and this is the news they give my brother. He called me and told me that the outlook for Daddy was not good. We buried him on Jan 3rd 1994.(one month to the day we found out he had cancer)

I miss him so much. I was the only girl with 3 brothers,(one older and two younger) I was "A DADDY'S GIRL"!! He was my world. Even though I had three brothers, I was his huntin' buddy, fishin' buddy and his shadow. He could not go anywhere without me right on his heels every step. I know there were times he would have love to go fishin' without me, so he could enjoy some peace and quiet and not have to answer 20 questions and keep me occupied. He was the most patient person I have known. He never got flustered and I don't know how with all of us rowdy kids.

I know we will be together again one day. I know he watches over us. His presence has been felt here in my home when Kelly was really sick.(I will save this story for another blog) It was not me he chose to reveal himself to, it was Robert. Robert never believed in things like this, until this happened to him. I believe that is why he chose Robert. Everyone would think I was just missing Daddy if it had been me.(It was just days away from Daddy's birthday, Robert had not remembered this and I had not mentioned this to anyone)He still don't like to talk about it.

Daddy, I know you are watchin' and I know you can see Tootie, I just wished you were here to bounce her on your knee like you have Kelly, and Chase and me of course. I sometimes watch Tootie with her Daddy and smile, I'm happy she loves her Daddy, but it also reminds me of you Daddy:o)

You are missed very much, save me a good spot in heaven beside you. I love you Daddy!!! Keep watchin over all of us!!