Saturday, December 20, 2008


I think I am finished with my Christmas Shoppin. I have been "Finished" 3 times already this year. I don't know if my list is gettin' longer or my mind is gettin' shorter.....It's probably the latter.....I think.....I'm not sure I forgot????

It has been a rough week. Kelly got a virus or food poisoning, we are not sure which? She was put in the hospital late Wednesday and stayed until late Thursday. She is a lot better, but is still very weak. They were suppose to go to Chattanooga for a 50th wedding anniversary for Tony's Grandparents and he was so lookin forward to it, but Kelly was just not up for the trip. She is slowly gettin better. They give her several bags of fluid and some antibiotic while she was in the hospital.

Tootie really missed her. She kept asking for her, the night she was in the hospital. I know she did not understand what was happening. But her Daddy took good care of her. He had her dressed up and lookin good both times I saw her that day. He is such a good Daddy. Her world comes together when he gets home from work.


Amanda said...

I hope Kelly is doing better? She is very lucky to have such a good momma!


Robert D said...

BUSY,BUSY,BUSY,,,,, I appreciate the way you seem to get everything done...What-a-Woman.... I am a LUCKY man... :)