Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lord, she is so Smart!

My precious grandbaby amazes me everytime I see her. Which is pretty often.
Robert and I offered to keep her last night so Tony and Kelly could have a quiet dinner. She came over and we had pizza(she eat 2 slices herself). We played, she is talking and repeating words. For her to have a vocabulary of a 19 month old, there is no question of what she wants. She can communicate better than most adults I know..
As soon as she heard her Mom and Dad come in our back door, she started hollerin' No, No, and come flying into the living room where Robert was. She did not want to go home. She wanted to stay here. But on her way into the living room, she stopped and tried to put up the baby gate that we have here. She thought if she got the gate up, her Mom and Dad could not get into the living room to get her...We have a sunken living room and she came running down the hall and dove over both steps right into her Baw Baw's arms(thank goodness) all the while hollerin' No(she drags this word out and it's kinda like Naaah!!!
She loves coming to our home and we love having her. I am so glad she does not cry when they leave her with us.

I love this child more than she will ever understand or know. I can't even think about her without smiling and most times laughing outloud at something she has done, or hearing something that reminds me of something she said..

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Robert D said...

Sandi, you said it well.....Tootie is so special..Thank you Lord for such a wonderful Family...