Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kelly, and Coconut Pie!!

Here is one of Robert's Christmas gifts from Kelly. She called and was wanting to know what to get him for Christmas and he is so hard to buy for. He is not hard to please but he is wanting things that he really needs to pick out himself. Stuff for his motorcycle and things that no one would know what to get him.
He mentioned that it had been a long time since he had had a coconut pie. Kelly had never baked a coconut pie before so she went all over the net trying to find a good recipe and she found one. The finished product is pictured above it is so good and I don't really care for coconut!! She said it is really easy. I don't have the recipe, but if she posts it on her blog I will put in a link!!!
She has turned into quite the little cook. We jokingly call her Kelly Crocker!!! Thanks honey, your Dad said it is Yummy.(however he told Chase it was just awful, hoping he would not eat any of it:o)

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Robert D said...

YUM!!! YUMMMMM !!!!! Thanks Kelly and Thanks Sandi for letting her know I was looking for a pie.....