Sunday, August 31, 2008


There is a BBQ Restaurant in Corinth MS, that has the best BBQ. (It's worth the drive) It doesn't matter if you want pulled pork or ribs. The ribs are a dry rub and they have a great flavor, but not messy.. The sandwich of pulled pork is great. I don't know what it is about it but it is so good. They also have slaw, baked beans and they have Crinkle Cut fries or "Home Fries" these are "REAL" potatoes that have been cut and deep fried. They have BBQ sauce, Ketchup, Hot Sauce and a Roll of Paper Towels on every table. There are two Flat Screen TV's with the Closed Caption turned on so you can catch up on new or sports or whatever. Almost every time we go there are several Motorcycles there and they will have tags from places like Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee, and lots of other places. It is a clean and family friendly environment. They have bulletin boards on the wall and you can bring pics of your kids, grand kids or what ever and put on the boards. The people are so friendly.

They also have Hamburgers, smoked chicken, they also have something called a Pig Salad. There desserts are homemade. The strawberry cake is soo good!!

This restaurant is located on Highway 72 right behind Pizza Hut. It is pretty far back off the road and could be easy to miss. For excellent BBQ you need to give it a try!!!

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