Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Have you Seen My Grandbaby???

She's not missing, She's gorgeous!!! This baby is the light of my life(with the exception of her Baw Baw) If I go a couple of days without seeing her I start having withdrawals..... She is such an angel. She has learned to laugh on cue and it is a true Laugh. She is learning something new everyday. She just turned 17 months and has finally gotten two more teeth. This gives her a total of six. These two teeth did not come in the order of how most babies get their teeth, Oh no, Tootie had to do it her own way.. These are bottom jaw teeth... I have a feeling this is the first of many of her doing it "her way"!!! I have to say that she comes by it honestly. Kelly was such a joy and so smart, But, She had a mind of her own.. The apple don't fall far from the the tree????
But hey, that is Ok, she is perfect in every way and I would not change one thing about her. There is not anything I would not do for this baby, and yes that includes "Walking thru Hell with Gasoline Drawers On!!"
And this Child Loves her Daddy! My Mom said her world comes together when her Daddy walks thru the door!! Tony is such a good Daddy and I think his world comes together when he walks thru the door and sees Addie(and Kelly too)!!
Well I have rambled long enough about my Precious Angel.. Keep her and all of my family in your Prayers.
God Bless Our Country........