Friday, October 17, 2008

So Glad it's Friday! TGIF

I am so looking forward to this weekend. It has been a crazy week. My Mom and I have both been sick and I have not seen her since last Friday. I did not leave the house last Saturday or Sunday due to being sick. She is feeling better and so am I. I hope we can get together this weekend and have coffee and visit a little. We try to do this every weekend. I am so busy during the week and she sews for the public, volunteers at the Chamber on Fridays, and has started a computer class at the library on Thursdays and she is so excited about learning how to use a computer. I told her it is a lot easier than you think. I learned everything by trial and error with the help of my wonderful Brother who is a Computer Tech at a college in South Mississippi... He was very helpful and so patient with my tons of questions.

I hope to see Tootie this weekend too!!

Everyone enjoy your weekend and cherish time with family and friends!!!

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