Wednesday, October 1, 2008



If you have been reading my blog, you know about our dog Patch with cancer and we had to have the vet come and put him to sleep.

Well, A puppy showed up at my daddy-in-law's house less than a week after Patch was put to sleep and he already has 3 dogs and is taking care of two more that belongs to his grand daughter. This dog was black and white just like Patch. Pop kept thinking someone would come and claim him, but they never did. Robert told him if no one came to get him in a week or so we would take him. Well the Lord works in mysterious ways. Chase went to get him and he named him Echo. I don't know where he got the name from but this puppy has healed Chase's heart. He is so much fun and has done put Blaze(our other dog) in his place. This is just a puppy only a few months old. But he guards food like a Pit Bull....He will growl and Blaze will just back away. He sleeps by the food bowl.... to make sure Blaze stays away! We are fixing to purchase another bowl and separate them. Echo can't be two places at one time!!! LOL:-] Chase took him to the vet and got all of his shots and medicine that he needs.
I will try to keep everyone updated with news and pictures as he grows!!
It is a wonderful life and we live in the greatest Country in the world. God Bless America!!!

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Robert D said...

Cute puppy, Great Son and wonderful Wife!!!!! Addie,Kelly and Tony are pretty cool also.....