Saturday, October 4, 2008

Menu Plan Monday!!

Well, the weather here has turned a little cooler. That does not mean we won't still get some 80 degree days. The cooler weather is makin me want soups and stews. We have a wood burning fireplace that we love and we have had wood delivered and are chompin' at the bits for it to get cold enough to build a fire!!! I can't wait. I love sittin' by a roarin fire(it's gotta be wood burning...I know it's messy but Oh so worth it).... In the winter, I can't wait to get home and get my PJ's on just so I can set by the fire and watch TV!!!
Kelly tried a new stew recipe that she found on Organizing Junkie Blog . I went down there today to sit with her and Tootie, she is still one handed and we had this stew for lunch and it was Yummo(as Rachel Ray would Say)
I have made my grocery list and the stew will be made one night this week!!!
Kelly is doing better with her wrist surgery. It is very stiff and still sore.
Well enough yackin' let's get on with the Menu!!
Hamburgers and Chips
Leftover Stew
BLT'S & Chips and Dip
Eat out or order out!!
Breakfast for Supper
Eggs, Biscuit, Chocolate Gravy and Bacon
Day of Rest!! Cook it yourself or eat it raw!!
More great recipes at:Organizing Junkie


Org Junkie said...

That's so cool you liked the stew recipe. It really is one of my favorites. Did you use the canned potatoes?

Sandi said...

Yes, The canned potatoes do hold up good. It was really good. Thanks so much for sharing...

Robert D said...

YUM,YUM,,,, That stew be so good...I think I'll have it for Breakfast in the morn....Thank you Sweetie.....Like this menu planning.Want a new stove????