Saturday, October 11, 2008

Homecoming Parade!!

We all went to the Chamber (where my Mom volunteers on Friday) and waited for the parade to come by. Mom, Kelly, Tony, Addie, Robert and myself stood out in front of the Chamber and yelled and cheered as all the seniors came by. This is such an exciting time for the HCHS seniors. I can't believe that Chase will be graduating in 7 short months. I am sad and happy all at the same time. This is my Baby, and he is fixing to be out in the world. It can be an ugly place sometime. But he is a good boy with lots of compassion for other people and I think with the Lord's help he will be just fine. Mom and Dad will be around for him too.

Well, here I go ramblin' on....

Chase cleaned on his car late into the night Thursday and left the house at 6:30 Friday morning to clean on it again. He wanted it spit shined for the Parade. It looked good.

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