Monday, November 10, 2008


Chase went back to the Doc again today. He was just there last Monday. Three Shots and bottles of medicine. He got to feeling better, then yesterday he said his throat hurt and was coughing real bad. He did not feel better this mornin, so Robert took him to the Doc and we got 3 more shots and more meds and doctor's excuse to be out of school till Wednesday. He is borderline pneumonia. I think Doc Jim called it walking pneumonia. He run a little fever last night but it broke and he has not run fever since. He is bored and doin some school work, (a book report I think) I am not real worried about that, he has all A's and one B this year so he is doin well for his senior year.

Robert went with him this morning, he fell a week ago and we thought he had cracked his hip, so he went and had it x-rayed. Doc said he thought it was a pulled muscle, he did not see anything else on the x-ray. He also got a tetnus shot. He went into an old house the other day and stepped on a rusty nail. Went right thru his shoe. We cleaned it out and I told him he really needed a tetnus shot.

I went to the doc last week. I run fever for the first time in 17 years. I don't get sick much, but I missed a day of work for the first time in 3 years. I also got 3 shots and taking the same antibiotic that Chase is taking now. I hope we get better soon. Winter ain't even here yet. I hope this is not what this winter is going to be like....?????


Kandi said...

i got walking pneumonia in highschool, i missed a little over a week of school. it was horrible, take care of that boy! :)

Robert D said...

Get well soon.... Love ya'll...