Monday, November 10, 2008

Pickwick Belle Featuring Addie the Dancer!!!

We went on the Pickwick Belle compliments of Hardin County Bank and we had a ball. Especially Addie. They had a live band playing Jimmy Buffet music and Addie Cleared the floor and stood in front of the band and danced the night away. We had heavy Hor'dourves, they were really good. Addie eat some of everything. She even ate lamb and loved it. She is her Baw Baw's Baby!!!

We had a good time and took lots of pictures. Tony won a Door Prize from the Saw Meal and I won one from Michaels. There were a lot of real estate folks so we got to see some of them and catch up.

Robert took Addie up on the top deck to watch the Paddle Wheel and she just squealed... A little water sprayed her in the face and she loved it!!


Kandi said...

such cute pictures! i'm glad you guys had fun!

Robert D said...

Great Time!!! Addie stole the show.....