Sunday, September 28, 2008

God Bless Our Troops!

Our local national guardsmen came home last Friday after a tour in Iraq. The town turned out to welcome them home by decorating our businesses and waving flags as they came in to town. They had a police escort and a large following of cars and motorcycles. We are so blessed to have brave men and women that put themselves in harms way and give up their lives to give us the freedom that we enjoy (and sometimes take for granted) We should never forget that there is someones father, brother, son, mother, sister or daughter that is giving their all to protect our great country!!! This is the greatest country in the world. We need to keep God first and everything else will fall into place(God's Plan may not be our plan)


Kelly said...

This is a great post. I was tagged on my blog. And now you have been tagged. Check out my blog to see what I mean. :)

Amanda said...

This is a great post!! I love it! I am also so very glad they are home!

River City Realty said...

God Bless or Troops and God Bless America !!!!!