Friday, September 12, 2008

Menu Plan Monday!!

Last week went well. We did not do the Tuna again. I am just gonna quit putting it on my menu! Tuna is one of those things I have to be in the mood for and that is not very often....
Kelly will be having surgery on her wrist Wednesday. So I really don't know how the week will go, but that said we will give it a go.
I did not get to use the Enchilada Casserole on Monday so I have it in the freezer and will use it this week. Someone came by the Office selling Fresh Gulf shrimp and Robert bought a few pounds, came home and boiled them with some corn on the cob and some potatoes and lemons. They were really good...


Enchilada Casserole(from freezer) and salad


Shepherd's Pie and Sister Shubert Rolls


Grilled Cheese or PB&J
(Kelly surgery day)


BLT's & Chips


Eat out or order out!!


Breakfast for Supper
Eggs, Sausage, Potato Scramble(Schwans) & Toast


Day of rest, If it's edible, Eat It!!!

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