Friday, September 5, 2008


This is a new low for the media. I am sick of the attack on Sarah Palin and her family. The media says it is not bias. The media thinks that the American people are a bunch of Brainless Morons that can't figure out who to vote for. I hope people are not falling for this. I don't care what your political affiliation. I may be treading in murky water here, blogging about something political, but this is so sad. The way this woman and her family has been splashed all over the cover of magazines with titles like this.. Anyone can look at these covers and see what the media is trying to do. I do Not need a movie star or some celebrity to tell me who to vote for. I am not stupid and I can figure it out on my own, Thank you Very Much....

Oprah says she is not going to have Palin on her show until After The Election...Hmmm I wonder why??? Do ya think it might hurt Obama's Chances as President??? Well surely not!!! I think she is scared!!

US Mag has turned into a Rag Mag and it's right up there(or down there) with the Enquirer!!

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