Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kelly's Surgery!

Kelly's surgery went well. I would have blogged sooner, but I have been helping out with Tootie. She is a handful with two good hands and Kelly is one handed right now. The doctor removed all of the cyst. It was sent off(this is standard procedure). She is still in a lot of pain and had to change her pain meds. Kelly does not like taking anything. She got home about 3:00 on Wednesday and was feeling really sick to her stomach. They did put her to sleep and we did not think they were going to do that. Dr. Antwine was wonderful. She really liked him. She will be in a cast for two weeks and then has to go back and let them take the stitches out. Tootie had been to the doctor on Tuesday and was running fever with an ear infection. So here she was sick and Kelly having to have surgery. She did not want to leave Tootie with her being sick. I sat with her and we did just fine. We are like "Peas and Carrots"! She would not take a nap for me, but, Heck, we were havin' too much fun!!!
Keep Kelly in your prayers. She is wondering how she will manage with only one hand. I told her she will be surprised at what she will be able to do..

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