Wednesday, July 23, 2008


My Internet was not working when I got home yesterday. I checked all the wires, plugged and unplugged everything, check settings on my Pc and finally called Charter. We were having technical difficulties in our area. OK!! Get up this morning it is still not working. I go to work and call Charter about 1 or 2 this afternoon. Yes, the problem has been resolved and I need to check your modem. Everything checked out! Chase comes home and you guessed it NO Internet. I go by the Charter Office and they will be out this afternoon. OK. I come home and wait on a phone call that never comes. I decided to check all the wires again and low and behold I saw the light, and it was blinkin, on my modem that was not blinkin before. I could not get my computer turned on fast enough. Yep it is working. I don't know what I did. I did the same thing yesterday "Twice" and it did not work. So anyhoo it is working and we had a Hallelujah moment. I called Charter and found that I was scheduled for a service call... ON the 28th of July!!! I canceled it so if anyone needs that service call you can have it. Use to we were lost if the cable TV was out. We had One hundred channels to chose from last night, but we were lost without our Internet. Relying on all this technology can't be good. But what can we do about it??? Maybe there is a 12 Step Program??? Maybe we can take the 12 step program ONLINE????? NAH, that may not be a good idea???

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