Saturday, July 26, 2008

Addie Says "Chase"!!!

Ok, Here is the Deal. This Precious Child Holds my Whole Heart in these tiny little hands. Robert and I had her for a few hours this afternoon and I am in Awe every time I see her. What she has learned just lately, amazes me. She started Hollering today for Chase. Out of the Blue she just started calling him by name. It was so plain. She is learning things so fast. She is growing up so fast too. It is hard to take it all in. We had such a good time with her. When she is here she never stops, so guess what? Neither do we!! Robert and I don't try to handle her when it is just one of us....She loves her "Baw Baw" so much. They have gotten to every time she is here they eat watermelon together. I don't know what we will do when winter gets here and we can't get any watermelon??? We have Robert's old cell phone that we let her play with and tonight she turned it on!! She puts it up to ear and says "Ello"??? Well there is so much more to say, but then I would just be a Ramblin' Grandma!!! I just want to say I love ya so much Tootie!! I wish you could understand just how much!! Maybe you Do???

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Kelly said...

Of course she understands... she loves ya'll so much too!! Thanks for keeping her.