Sunday, July 13, 2008

Uncle Chase

Uncle Chase and Addie. What can I say?? He loves this baby so much!! I have better pictures of the two of them together but this one is special. This was the 4th of July everyone had been swimming, Chase had went in to shower and change he was goin' to hang out with friends. He came outside and Addie held out those sweet little hands in a "Please hold me Uncle Chase" way. But what you need to know is Chase had on clean dry clothes and Addie was soaking wet from pool water and the little thing in her mouth was full of watermelon!! She had sticky watermelon juice all over her and running down both arms and her chin. Chase did not care! His baby niece wanted her Uncle and that is all that mattered... Now that is only an Uncle's Love!! What a sweet son I have. He is probably the only junior last year that had baby pictures in the front of his binders. He ask me every so often if I had updated pictures of Addie so he could put new ones in front of his binders!! Addie loves him so much. When she comes over and he is not in the room she will go to the end of the hall and holler for him. She calls him Bubba!!!

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