Monday, July 28, 2008

What A Day!!

We have had a typical Monday. Internet and email problems a Plenty. We finally got it worked out after everyone passing the buck(and not in a good way). Everyone wanted to blame the problem on someone else! But we are up and running at River City Realty. Tootie came by for a visit and it was just what I needed after the day I had. She can make any day brighter, just like the picture of the sun setting over Pickwick Lake(above). She was right behind her Baw Baw every step he took. He could not come out of his office without her running down the hall to chase after him. She loves him so much. Well tomorrow is Tuesday and maybe things will settle down.

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River City Realty said...

Thank you Sandi for all your help!!! What would I do w/ out you???