Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Momma and Addie

Momma came over tonight and had supper with us. I cooked a roast in my crock pot with celery soup. I roasted some potatoes, carrots, and onions in the oven, and fixed some slaw and rolls. I am so glad Momma is doing well. She has some heart trouble but, Dr. Corbin has been keeping her up and going with a very good quality of life. My Momma is the type if she can't get up and go, she would rather be in heaven. She is very active and still drives and lives by herself. She is very independent, wants to make her own way. I admire her for that. Robert and I try to help her, but she don't always want us to. My sweet son, Chase keeps her yard mowed for her. She does some sewing and mending for us. Oh, by the way she also sews and does mending for the public. Like hemming pants, putting in zippers etc. I don't think we have found anything that she can't fix or make!! She is so talented. I am the only daughter with three brothers and every time my Momma made me a new dress she made one just like it for my baby doll. I had the most stylish Barbie clothes, for my Barbies. Momma made all them too. I am very lucky to have Momma around and livin' so close to us. My Momma's middle name is Irene, as is mine, Kelly's and Addie's. There are four generations of us. Addie loves her so much, she calls her GIGI. Great Grandmother is a mouthful for a toddler.. This picture of them was taken on the fourth of July.. I love you Momma!!

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