Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hot Dogs and Chili!!

We had family over tonight for Hot Dogs and Chili! Kelly, Tony, Addie, my Mom, Chase and his girlfriend Amanda and of course Robert and Me. Tony and Addie went swimming and the rest of us stayed in the house where it was cool. We had Chocolate Pie for dessert and we got to set and visit. Addie walked around all night with my phone talkin' like she knew exactly who she was talkin' to!! She is learning to count. It is so funny she is learning new words and learning to count and she still has Only TWO Teeth. Her top teeth are being very stubborn about coming in. She is such a good baby and minds really well. Kelly always insist on picking up the toys that Addie has scattered while she is here. I don't mind them laying around. It has been such a long time since my floor was scattered with toys. Well I am fixing to call and check on Chase, he took Amanda home and the weather might get stormy!

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