Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Love and So Appreciate This Girl!!

Hardworking, Honest, Motivated, Sweet, Helpful, Self Starter, is just a few words to describe this person. Andrea worked for us as a teen at Chic-N-More. She started to work at 16 and stayed with us for years and worked her way up to a Management Position. Robert almost did not hire her because when she came in for the interview she was dressed real nice and he told her "he could not picture her mopping floors and scrubbing bathrooms". She told him "just give me a chance and I will show you" and SHE DID!! She is still working for us at United Country River City Realty. She is on time and is always busy. She will find something to do. She has no down time. She can't sit still. I have described her as a "Hummingbird in a Shoe Box" Jim Graves our RVP describes her as a "Rat Terrier On Acid".LOL She never stops. She is a great mother to two wonderful Boys, Hunter and Tanner. She is married to a really nice guy, Chris and they make such a cute couple.

She is always there for anyone who needs her. Which I do a lot. She is always trying to help make my job easier, even when she has more than she can do. I have told everyone the she is the only person I know that I would trust with; My Money, My Husband and My Kids(and now my grandbaby too) I can't really thank her enough for going above and beyond what is expected of her. So, Thank you Andrea for everything you do and I hope we will work together until we are too old to work!!

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River City Realty said...

Yep.....I agree w/ everything my bride has said... Thank you Andrea....