Saturday, August 2, 2008

Computers and a Crazy Week!!

I am so thankful for this weekend. This has been a crazy week at the office. We have been on the phone with Charter with email problems. They said it was not them, so we get on the phone with Microsoft for 3 hours. They said it was not them. So we do some test on Robert's computer it turns out it is not his computer. Sooo we get back on the phone with Charter 3 different times. Finally the last time Andrea(bless her heart)who is dealing with this (after 3 or 4 days of me dealing with it I was just about to go over the edge so she took it over)She finally got someone on the phone from Charter that actually knew what they were doing. Guess what IT WAS CHARTER AFTER ALL!!! Well it is fixed "sorta" and we will have to deal. It is so frustrating for people to keep passing blame. Several times we got on the phone and was sent from one person to another and then after about an hour we somehow got cut off! HUH Go figure that! Do you think it was an accident?? I don't. I think if you are being difficult some of them will just hang up on you!! The thing is you can't get back to that one person!! Well it is over now and maybe Monday will be better. It is a wonderful life and I am blessed. I went by and seen my Tootie after work Friday and she made everything better!!! She is my sweetie Pie!! Love ya Tootie!!

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