Thursday, August 28, 2008

Toys R Us and Grandparents!

I went to Jackson with Kelly, Tony and Tootie yesterday to a doctor's appointment. We went by Sam's for Tony to get some office supplies and we fed Tootie there. Then we went to Toy's R Us. This was the first time I had ever been in there With Tootie.
This is a dangerous combination, Grandparents and Toy's R Us. I just had to buy her something!!! I found her a Tiger Basketball goal that growls when you make the basket(I think this will keep Tony entertained as well) We have also been looking for her one of those little wooden "cobbler's bench"! We found her one of those(I bought 2, one for my house and one for Home) We also found another wooden toy that has balls in the top and you hit them through a hole and it rolls down several levels and come out at the bottom of the tower.
She was pounding it good and we were gritting our teeth waiting for her to smack her finger. Her aim was pretty good. No sooner did we get pulled out of the driveway she had smacked her fingers. Kelly said she cried and cried.
But she was tired, and everything is worse when you are tired!!!
Grammy loves ya Tootie!!!

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