Friday, August 8, 2008

It's Friday! My, How time flies!!

Well, it is Friday and this week went way smoother than last. Thank you Lord. The emailing situation is resolved... Thank You Andrea!!

We have an appointment for Chase Monday at HMC for another Hyda-scan. (yes he will be late for his first day of school as a senior!!!) This will make three in two years. I believe he is having gall bladder trouble. I am familiar with this due to myself and Kelly have had gall bladder removals and it took away our pain. Chase is dealing with the same stuff.. One hyda-scan showed his gall bladder was NOT working right and the last one said it WAS.. sooo. I am at a loss for what to do if this one comes back OK?? We have done all the test that you can imagine that has anything to do with his digestive system. All came back fine. He gets nauseated and hurts in his right shoulder and neck after he eats a fatty or greasy meal. He has gotten sick a few times. Keep us in your prayers for these test results!!

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