Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well, so much for my menu plan Monday. It has crumbled like stuck cornbread!!! It went downhill on Tuesday! HA
We had more leftovers than I thought and Robert wanted Pintos AGAIN. And the Cajun in me found some leftover Red Beans and Rice (that I forgot about.) Chase come in and looked at the menu I had taped on the Fridge and said "I thought we were havin' BLT's. So he grabbed some Leftover Potato Salad (that I had also forgot about) and eat it right out of the bowl and was talkin' about how good it was. It was late and he was hungry.
Anyhoo, we are suppose to have grilled cheese and soup tonight, but I am wondering if I should do the BLT's tonight because I have some tomatoes that are going to ruin if I don't use them.

Chase wanted to know what kind of Soup we were having. I told him, remember those cute little kids you see on TV in front of the Red and White Cans??? It will probably be one of those. He wanted me to make my V8 soup...(that's all I need is more leftovers of soup, that is, in the middle of summer!!!) Well I don't know what we will have for supper.

I guess that is why they call it a "PLAN" plans change, don't they????

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