Friday, August 15, 2008


Our United Country Convention will be here before you know it. It is in Vegas this year and everyone is so excited. I have never been to Vegas and I have never flown(on a big airplane that is) I have however flown in a small plane several times and one time Robert was flying the plane. Yes he took flying lessons a long time ago and has in about 20 hours. The day I went he was doing "touch and goes" this is when you are learning to land the plane. For one solid hour we landed(with wheels barely touching the runway)and then we took off again. Flew around the city and done it again. After about the 3rd time my stomach had been left on the runway. I got off that plane vowing "never again".

But it sure is a long way to Las Vegas and I don't want to spend that much time in a car. Soooo, I guess I will be flying if I can get my nerve up and God and I can have a little chat!! I know, I know, the drive to the airport is more dangerous and the flight. I have heard it all before. If my car tears up I can get out and walk. If the plane tears up we are screwed. It says in the Bible, Low the Lord will keep you safe" I know Low is not spelled that way(but you get my drift here).. Well I just don't know. I still have several months to think about it. It is in February(dead of winter). Does it even snow in Vegas?? It probably will and we will be slippin' and slidin' right into the airport. Then we will rent a car so we can spend 3 days driving back.

If anyone has any suggestions I'm listening. Maybe Dr. Jim will write me script for some Valuim. If that is spelled wrong I guess that is good, it means I'm not a dopehead...
Or I could just get to the airport early and hit the bars and hope that the Pilot doesn't!!!!

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