Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Typical Weekend!!! Random Pictures!!

We have had an uneventful weekend. The usual grocery shopping and laundry and working around the pool. I went with Robert yesterday to take some new pictures of a cabin in Olive Hill. The owners had bought some new Patio furniture and had a mantel put up over the fireplace. We road around on the land some. Did some 4 wheelin'. I am not too crazy about, but it wasn't too bad. We crossed the same Creek 4 times. It winds all over the property.

This morning Robert and Chase went and done some sign work and took a few more pictures of some land that Robert has bought and we have put back on the market. Kelly called after church and I went by and got her and we went to Peebles and bought Addie some Fall and Winter clothes. She has had a ton of clothes but for this fall and winter she has hardly nothing!! Poor Baby! Yeah Right!! As long as I have a dollar in my pocket she won't do without.... I love shopping for her and buying her clothes, shoes, toys... it doesn't matter I just like buying her anything!!! We got her some PJ's and Kelly got her a couple of summer things too that she can wear this summer. She is growing so fast.

Mom came over this evening and drank coffee and had some Blackberry Cobbler with us. Her gout is acting up and she is in a lot of pain when this happens. She is taking her meds and that seems to be helping. Well that is about it for our weekend.

Chase spent some time with Amanda. She is a nice girl. I really like her.


Kelly said...

Oh my gosh!! Addie is so little in the last picture. Sometimes it is really hard to remember when she was that little. Man, how time flies.

Sandi said...

I know when I started to upload that pic. I had to look twice and look at the date on the pic. She was so tiny. I need to quit, I am fixing to cry. Love you!!