Sunday, August 10, 2008

Motorcycle SOLD!

Chase had his motorcycle for sale. It sold within a week from the time he put a For Sale sign on it. It was a good deal. It was just like new. He had out grown it long ago, but had issues with parting with it. He finally decided he needed the $1100.00 more than the motorcycle. He is going to put some of the money in savings and use the rest to fix up his car. He is a pretty good kid. He is home when he is suppose to be and has not gotten mixed up in drugs and alcohol. He loves playing his guitar and hangin with friends. This is his senior year and he is in the group "Wired" at HCHS and he is so excited. I can't believe he is a senior already. As for the #13 Chase has always thought of that as a lucky number. It was the number Robert wore on his jersey when he played Basketball when he was a kid!!

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