Friday, August 22, 2008

I always Said "He could destroy a Sherman Tank"!!!!!

Chase is one of the very best teenager drivers I know. He does not drive too fast and he is not reckless and he has never had a wreck. But give him the keys to a vehicle, any vehicle and it will break down on him. He swears that it happens every time he fills the gas tank of said vehicle... Not just put in a few dollars worth, to get him where he is going. But tops off the tank...He has a 72 Buick, beautiful car but really bad on gas. We also have a 95 red jeep(it is kind of an extra vehicle that we have in case we need it) Chase has been driving it due to the High Gas Prices and the fact that his Girlfriend is 38 mile round trip from our house..

In the past 2 weeks, the jeep has had to have a alternator, a starter and the buick has had to have a new battery. Two days in a row, Chase called and was in a vehicle that would not crank and had to call us. The jeep had to be towed and the Buick had to be jumped off and drove to AutoZone for a new battery. He wanted to drive my Tahoe somewhere the other day and I laughed and told him "I don't Think so"!! It is running fine "thank you very much" I don't have time for car trouble.

I used to tease when he was little the he could "destroy a Sherman Tank". I did not realize how prophetic that would turn out to be. I have added a picture of Chase's car and a Before and After of the Jeep. This is probably what the Red Jeep will look like in a year(or maybe sooner)??!!!
I pray "Lord just keep him safe.... The cars can be replaced but he can't!!!

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