Monday, August 25, 2008


We have had lots of pets over the years. We are more dog people than cats. Cats just kinda sit there and look at ya. We have had a dog named Patch for almost ten years.(yes he got his name from the 101 Dalmatian movies. Chase named him) He was Chase's pet. He went with Robert to go pick him up from Billy Hardin. He is a rat terrier and has been such a good dog. When he was little he would cover himself up with an old towel we had put in his dog house. He is an outside dog. We can't have an inside pet. I am a flea and mosquito magnet(this is a huge Understatement ask any of my family) I can be in the room with a hundred other people and if there is a flea or mosquito it will bite me and no one else. Anyway, we took Patch to the vet a couple of months ago. He had a growth come up on his chest. We at first thought it was a ringworm, boil, snake bite and it would not go away. It kept getting bigger and bigger. We finally took him into the vet and he took one look at it and said it was Cancer. He said he could operate but more than likely he would not live through the surgery and it would only grow back. It is growing at an enormous rate. We have given him meds twice a day for the past couple of months to help slow the growth and to keep out infection, but we are losing the battle. I got a picture that doesn't really show it much. It looks really bad and I don't think it would be good to show a "better" picture of it. It is bigger than grapefruit size and everyday it looks like it is getting bigger. He is starting to act like he does not feel good. He also looks like he is losing weight. We told Chase when his quality of life starts to suffer we are going to have him put down. (I hate those words) But I can see it happening. Robert ask me today what do I think and I give him my blessing and I briefly discussed it with Chase.(he did not want to talk about it) Chase is old enough to know and we want his blessing too. He knows it is best but he has had this pet over half his life. Please keep us in your prayers.

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